Cycling is a great, low-impact way to stay fit, but it isn’t without risk of pain and injury and what you perceive as being fitness does not guarantee high performance.

Performance issues and injury problems are addressed by looking at all aspects of the fit. Is it the bike or the body which is at fault?

At Back to Fitness Physiotherapy we video analyse you cycling on your bike on a turbo trainer. Filming you from the front, side and back using specialist sports biomechanics software. Frame by frame detail can show us asymmetries and problem areas at notably the back, hip, knee, foot over pedal/cleat position.

Body Bike Balance IS £50 for 60 minutes with one of our highly experienced physiotherapists. 

Call 0800 0751 641 to book an appointment or to ask to speak to one of our physiotherapists if you are not sure what services you need.

body bike analysis