Gait analysis, also referred to as running analysis, motion analysis or biomechanics.

Whether as an activity on its own or a component of your sport, running has a crucial role in the practice of most sports which is why getting it right is so important. 

Maximising your performance and minimising any pain is our ultimate goal.

We therefore recommend our clients to have a thorough analysis of their running technique when there is a need to:

• Improve your running technique, run with greater control  to avoid early fatigue
• Identify biomechanical faults – i.e. incorrect patterns of movement when you run – leading to overuse injuries
• Improve your running economy – i.e. the amount of energy you spend to run a set distance
• Assess the effectiveness of your new or old running shoes in order to make sure that they suit your running style

What to bring on the day: your training gear, your new (< 6 months) and old  running shoes, insoles/orthotics (where applicable), your training diary, your usual work/daytime footwear.

We analyse your running on a treadmill or outdoors (weather permitting) by filming you using motion analysis software. 

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