K-laser therapy is a safe and pleasant treatment for a huge range of conditions such as injuries to soft tissue, bones, nerves, osteoarthritis, sciatica, chronic pain and before and after surgery. It is suitable for all people of all ages – if you can go outside in daylight you can have K-laser therapy.
It doesn’t matter whether the injury is acute or chronic, superficial or deep. It accelerates the healing process with increased circulation and enhanced tissue repair and decreases inflammation and pain.
Our patients call it our ‘miracle machine’  – we work on your biomechanics with rehab and manual therapy and the K-laser works on your cells. It’s the perfect combination.
As amazing as it is, it isn’t a silver bullet and a course of treatment is required. You can choose to pay as you go or opt for a discounted package of 6 or 10 sessions. Please contact us for more information.