Our Clinic Commandments

  1. We promise not to treat you unnecessarily. We understand the time and financial pressures of everyday life and we would never recommend treatment if it wasn’t needed. To give you a rough idea, most patients require six appointments. If they are not showing good signs of improvement, then onward referral is usually required.
  2. We promise we will never charge you for referral letters or medical reports
  3. We promise your treatment plan will be personal to YOU. There are no pre-printed exercise leaflets here!
  4. We promise to listen to you. I mean really listen to you, so that we can fully understand your personal situation and make a plan to help.
  5. We promise we know what we are doing. All our team regularly attend training sessions and courses and are mentored by our head physiotherapist.
  6. We promise the clock doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. We will continue to work on your case after you have left the building – writing letters, writing your medical notes, writing insurance reports, planning your next session and designing your personal exercise programme. 
  7. We promise to refer you onto a fantastic network of exceptional surgical colleagues if need be, all at no extra cost for the referral.
  8. We promise to keep investing in our clinicians and our technology. Things move on and ideas move on and we will keep up to date with the latest research and ideas. 
  9. We promise to keep our facilities spick and span, warm, friendly and welcoming. 
  10. We promise we will never charge for any phone calls or email correspondence – it’s all part of our service.