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Zoe runs her respiratory physio business, ‘Breathe Well Physio Ltd’, out of our clinic. She has spent the last nine years specialising in respiratory care across medical wards, paediatrics, surgical and intensive care. Her main area of interest is long term conditions such as COPD, Asthma and the management of breathlessness. During the pandemic, she gained a great deal of knowledge around management of acute Covid and more recently managed patients with long covid alongside other professionals. Currently, she works in the community with COPD patients and working on preventing hospital admissions. Zoe loves respiratory physio and this is why she established Breathe Well Physio Ltd. She hopes to reach and help many more clients who wish to improve their quality of life by improving their symptom management and overall lung health. Appointments are booked directly with her on 07596 864628 or info@breathewellphysio.co.uk. For further information, please visit www.breathewellphysio.co.uk
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