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Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise and Rehabilitation at the Barn

If you want to get stronger, fitter and safer, exercising with our physios at the Rehab Barn is for you. At the Physio Rehab Barn, everyone is welcome regardless of their age or ability. We will not have offensive music blaring out, we will not have inexperienced staff, and we will not be full of cliques.

We understand how confusing it can be to decide what to do in the gym, especially if you have an injury or long-term condition. Our experienced physios will guide you through the journey and hold your hand at each junction in the road.

Whether you are returning from complex surgery like an ACL reconstruction, living with a long-term condition such as osteoarthritis, have fallen and are worried you’ll fall again, just had a baby and don’t know where you can go to exercise or want to smash your PB on the next park run, we are the people for you!

We combine our advanced understanding of the body, injury and tissue healing with our wealth of experience in exercise and rehabilitation. With us, you can trust that we know how to help you reach your goals without causing any more pain or injury. We are more than personal trainers.

Exercise and rehab session

Exercise and rehabilitation session

This is suitable for you whether you are a current patient, have been to us in the past, or have never been to us.

We will start with an assessment with one of our physios if we haven’t met before or if you haven’t been for a while. This is where we will learn all about your medical history, any injuries, and what goals you would like to achieve. We will then conduct some strength and fitness tests (nothing too scary, we promise) to understand your starting point. We may also do more ‘physio’ tests to examine your range of motion, balance and coordination, plyometric ability and function.

From this, we will decide together which direction to start and put a plan in place. We will have a physio bed at the Barn, so if we need to mobilise your ankle first, for example, to help you achieve a squat or loosen that tight calf, we can do this.

This is not just for ‘sporty’ people. Anyone looking to get stronger and fitter will benefit. You might be finding it difficult to run around with the grandchildren, find stairs difficult, or are worried about losing your independence. We can help with all these things.
Improvements in fitness and strength take time while the body adapts and changes. Although sessions can be pay-as-you-go, ideally, there needs to be a mental commitment to at least 12 weeks of exercise, but probably longer.

These sessions are £60 for an hour, half the price of a regular 30-minute physio appointment. Although one other person may be working with us in the gym, the first 30 minutes of your appointment will be 1:1, as all appointments are staggered.

You can have us all to yourself for the whole hour, but the price will be £120.

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Would you like to have your strength, fitness and movement evaluated?

Our senior physiotherapist and strength and conditioning expert, McKenzie Jenkin, leads this service. During the two-hour session, he will take a detailed medical history and perform various clinical, functional, and performance tests. He will use motion capture technology to examine gait and movement and a dynamometer to measure force production.

We will assess your flexibility, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, coordination, reactions, balance and power.

This is more than just a “gait assessment” or a “bike fit”. Understanding your body can enable you to see areas for improvement and have a quantifiable benchmark to return to if you develop an injury. It is commonplace in professional sports to screen players pre-season, during the season, and when returning to play following an injury.


  • Gain a real insight into your body – what are you good at? What could you improve?
  • Get ahead in your sport, team or club.
  • Get detailed baseline data on record to measure your performance against and enhance your recovery if you get injured in the season.

Price £240

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Open gym

Open Gym

If we have given you an exercise plan and you want to carry out the exercises independently using the Barn’s facilities, you can do so.
These 90-minute sessions will need to be booked so we know how many people will be in the building and can ensure we’re on hand if needed.
The cost for this will be £15 per session.

Please get in touch with us for more information
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Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy
An amazing experience, the customer service from initial phone call to book, right through to consultation and treatment was exceptional. The level of professionalism is outstanding with such attention to detail in understanding my issue and finding resolution through to the treatment itself. I would highly recommend Back to Fitness for anyone
Rupinder Ashworth
Rupinder Ashworth
I’ve been a client at Back to Fitness for many years. Charlotte has helped me through a lifetime of back and neck problems as a result of car and skiing mishaps. I thought I’d never trust anyone else with my body BUT I can 100% recommend both McKenzie and Freya. Both amazing physiotherapists with a lovely manner - they really know what they are doing. Back to Fitness really is the best all round physio and sports health practice and now they have 3 top notch physios. 100% recommend. Rupinder
Kauser Shah
Kauser Shah
Thoroughly recommend. Lovely, friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Nicola Casson
Nicola Casson
I would like to say thank you on behalf of my dad, Martyn Widdop. He's finally had a diagnosis which without you would have taken a lot longer with more distress. Thank you Nicky
Adam Nowell
Adam Nowell
I had been having problems with my knee, causing me pain at any given time, after sitting down, walking the dogs, moving / lift boxes, etc. It would talk to me and tell me to rest! Decided i needed to get it checked out. found back to fitness on a local chit chat site, read their reviews and booked an appointment and so glad i did. Freya was fantastic, talked about the knee, checked my posture, strength, then had a physical examination, prodding, pushing, pulling, etc. Told me that it was a patellofemoral issue (kneecap area) and what we were going to do, both now and in the future. I had a laser treatment, followed by strapping the knee to support and a deep tissue thigh massage. After thanking Freya and leaving the appointment, I almost immediately received the exercise plan that we had discussed on e-mail. this was accompanied by a link to a video on how i can strap the knee myself (if necessary) Over the weekend my knee has not spoken to me and told me to rest, which was great. The strapping around the knee has worked wonders. In fact, i have felt the massage much more than the knee pain ha ha Everything from booking an appointment, through to now was absolutely painless (apart from the massage!) and I would highly recommend Back To Fitness Physio to anyone who has any pain / physio issues, 100%.
Albert Morton
Albert Morton
It couldn’t have been better, had a thorough check over, Freya found the cause, proper job!
valerie nicholson
valerie nicholson
Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable and understood what I was trying to explain. She gave me information I had never received before on how to improve my shoulder/back pain. I only wish I had gone to her years ago. Loaded with information, techniques and exercises I feel sure I can improve my posture and pain problems.
Veggie Weggie
Veggie Weggie
Charlotte is amazing at what she does and is also really knowledgable. Such a gorgeous, warming and friendly clinic too visit. 💕
Melanie Bury
Melanie Bury
Friendly, knowledgeable and Professional. Looking forward to a better pain free future with Charlotte's help ..