Halifax, West Yorkshire
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There are no hidden costs. The price you see below is the price you pay. We charge nothing extra for more expensive treatments like K-Laser or Shockwave. They are included in the price, and you can have as many as you need.

Consultation (up to 1 hour)
Treatment 30 mins
Treatment 60 mins
Head Physio Charlotte Murray
Senior Physio McKenzie Jenkin *
Physio Freya Lightfoot
Running Gait Assessment (up to 90 mins)

* Male Physio

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“I have had treatment by Charlotte many times in the past. She is consistently perfect in every way. Competent, Knowledgeable and friendly always and always resolves the problem. Her treatment is easy to understand and she is conscious of the cost. I can not recommend her highly enough”


Ian Redman – Halifax