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Ringing out the old 🔔🎆

Ringing out the old 🔔🎆

Did you see the truly spectacular fireworks display that dazzled crowds in London last night?

There’s no doubt about it – somebody was thinking big when it came to this year’s celebrations, and it really worked. It looked amazing!

But it got me thinking. Of those few hundred thousand people who watched the display, for how many of them will 2024 really mark a new beginning?

What, exactly, were they celebrating?

Most of them were ringing out the old and, they believe, erroneously, foolishly, that they were ringing in the new and it will somehow, of its own volition, be “better”.

But the truth is that it won’t be a New Year at all for most people.

Those who are controlled by other people – and other peoples’ agendas.
Those who accept and unchallenged rules and norms and cant’s.
Those who harbour negative emotions like guilt, obligation or fear.
Those who criticise others or have a fear of it.
Those who keep doing what they’ve always done and expect to get something different from what they’ve always got.
Those who aren’t willing to stay consistent and make a change…

…theirs isn’t a New Year at all, is it? In that respect, at least, the calendar lies.

YOU can do much better because you’ve been exposed to a lot more; you possess knowledge and skill, awareness, and other resources.

Don’t squander it by surrendering control.

CONTROL is both goal and means of achieving goals.

Used properly it will ensure that your year is genuinely better than any you’ve had before…