Halifax, West Yorkshire

You need a FORTRESS 🏰

You need a FORTRESS 🏰

Life sometimes can be bloody hard.

Anyone that pretends it’s easy is a charlatan.

Sometimes the smallest things in life, such as doing your weekly shop may seem like a drag.

Which is why you need a fortress. Not one formed from stone with flags on the battlements. No, you need a fortress to protect TWO THINGS:

Your MIND and your TIME.

How you think and what you do.

When it comes to health, pretty much nothing else is going to matter.

If you can’t protect your mind and you can’t protect your body, you are stuffed. Properly stuffed.

We are, all of us, constantly under attack – whether it’s email, phone calls, social media, and more. And if you allow the barbarians even an inch across the ramparts, all your life goals, plans, and strategies can end up in ruins.

Too many people are too distracted at the mercy of other people’s agenda and the price they pay is high indeed.

For me, it’s why my holidays and time away is so important. Time to think, you see. Clearly. Without distraction.

Your mind and your time. The two most valuable things for everyone, everywhere in the world. Today and every day.

They need guarding and protecting – pretty much with your life because the life you lead is determined to a very large extent by how well you look after and nurture the pair of ’em.

Man the barricades.


P.S. The image is of the fabulous Dunrobin Castle in Golspie, Sutherland.