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Five Ways Physiotherapy Can Support Your Running

Five Ways Physiotherapy Can Support Your Running

Physiotherapy for Running: 5 Ways It Can Help You 

You know the saying, ‘the best things in life are free?’ When it comes to fitness, there’s one thing that comes straight to mind: running.

Because not only is this universal sport fantastic for cardiovascular, muscle and bone health, it’s also a great way to beat the blues. Hello, endorphins.

In this blog, we’ll be covering just a few of our services: 

  • Running gait analysis
  • Strength assessment (dynamometry test)
  • Strength and conditioning training plans 
  • Pain and niggle management
  • Orthotics

I think every runner will relate to the freeing feeling of leaving all problems behind in favour of a picturesque route through the great outdoors. Even if it’s just for a 20 minute blast, the benefits that come with running goes far beyond the calorie burning (although, that is a great perk…) 

But here’s the thing: You can run, but you can’t hide from the injuries that can come with it.

Running, like all forms of activity, comes with the inevitable risk of injury. Leaving this untreated can lead to long-term consequences – and even stop you from enjoying your favourite sport forever.

The good news? This can be easily prevented with regular physiotherapy treatment. Whether it’s a new pesky strain or an ongoing pain giving you grief, we can help you to not just target your problem areas, but also advise a bespoke plan to get you right back on track. 

Here’s the five ways physiotherapy can support your running journey – no matter which level or point you’re at. 

1. Running Gait Analysis

As an avid runner myself, I know from experience that there’s nothing more frustrating than being forced to put away your running shoes because of an injury. That’s exactly where the Back to Fitness Running Gait Analysis comes in; think precise and personalised testing for effective long-term results. 

But what does this look like? Well, firstly, we’ll do a video analysis to take a deeper look at your running technique. Watching this back in slow motion allows us to pick up on even the smallest moves that would most likely be missed in real-time. From there, we’ll prescribe corrected exercise techniques and a rehab programme to not only combat the errors, but also empower you to live your best runner’s life. 

You can even get a copy of the video to refer back to. Great for seeing how much progress you’ve made once your rehab programme finishes!

2. Strength Assessment (Dynamometry Test)

Ever heard of a dynamometer? In case you needed a rundown, this is a force plate measuring the peak force a runner can apply with each muscle group. 

Of course, every runner is unique in how much force they can use. That’s why a strength assessment is key for creating a plan of action that will work specifically for you.

We’ll identify any weakened or imbalanced muscles you’re suffering with to 1) formulate a comprehensive rehab plan, 2) provide you with an objective measure of strength, and 3) monitor your progress along the way. 

3. Strength and Conditioning Training Plans

Running is great, but why limit your fitness capabilities to just one sport? Incorporating more strength and conditioning training into your weekly routine not only keeps things ‘’fresh’’, but it can also help to reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery. After all, being a runner doesn’t have to be your whole identity. You can be a confident, well-rounded athlete, too!

Our strength and conditioning training plans are designed to help you smash your own fitness goal- whether it’s to build muscle mass or improve flexibility.

These plans can either be practised in our Physio Rehab Barn (coming soon!) or as home exercises – making them super easy to incorporate into your daily life. 

4. Pain and Niggle Management

When looking to improve in anything physically, the bottom line is this: we have to push our bodies beyond what they’re capable of. Intimidating? Maybe, at times. But it’s also an unavoidable factor in any fitness journey. This ‘push’ often heightens the risk of niggling injuries – which is why we’re here to help keep them well at bay.

In your physiotherapy session, we can quickly assess and diagnose any problems before starting you on a tailored course of treatment. This could include our popular K-Laser machine, which speeds up healing and recovery, shockwave therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, strapping, and so much more.

5. Orthotics

I’ve covered a lot about muscle injury in this blog, but let’s not overlook a runner’s most powerful tool: their feet.

Yep… your injuries could be down to a flat foot!

If that’s the case, we can assess and fit (heat mould) orthotics inside your trainers to guide your foot during landing and take off. This works by raising the arch to improve alignment and relieve niggles in the leg or lower back. The result? Instant alleviation to allow for longer, pain-free runs. 

Ready to get back on track with your running? We’re here to support you through every lap of the journey.

With years of combined experience, we’re proud to be providing life changing physiotherapy in Halifax and surrounding areas.

Contact our friendly expert team to learn more about how we can help you to reach your runner’s high, day after day.