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He blames the microwave!

He blames the microwave!

Mr M and I were deep in conversation the other day and his words of wisdom were ‘I blame the microwave’. Now, Mr M is pretty switched on and he quite often comes out with pearls of wisdom.

This was yet another occasion.

I remember our first microwave. It was a huge thing, weighed a tonne and sounded like the Starship Enterprise taking off when it was cooking.

Microwaves back in 1990 were set to be the future. I remember buying it. We made a family trip down to Comet in Dewsbury and picked up a white Panasonic one. Very swish!

I used to show off my new found culinary prowess (thanks to the included recipe book) when my grandad came to baby sit me; demonstrating how to ‘cook’ (verb – to nuke) an omelet in a manner Delia would not have been proud of.

Delia had nothing to fear – she could keep her monopoly on egg cooking in tact, as it more closely resembled something you’d find in a Halfords tyre department rather than a Michelin style restaurant.

The microwave was set to revolutionise cooking however, saving time and making life easier. They found their way into almost every household and continue to do so.

There were even microwaveable packets of chips for goodness’s sake! Remember these?! McCain Micro Chips they were…

Mr M’s point was that microwaves were the first step on the slippery slope we now find ourselves on.

Everything these days is about saving time and doing things with the least amount of effort possible. We can talk to our phones; our phones listen to us; systems are automated and heck even intelligence is now outsourced to computers! People take pills to lose weight; have surgery to look ‘better’; inject themselves with substances to make themselves look younger or more muscular; TV is on demand; food is delivered to our doors at the push of a button, I could go on.

It’s all about the quick fix and the dopamine hit. We’ve become so impatient and find it uncomfortable to ‘just be quiet and just be’.

How many people reach straight for their phones when there’s some blank time to fill?

It made me reflect on how special my job is.

Although we have computers and gadgets at the clinic which do make life so much easier, fundamentally it’s about people, relationships and hard work.

Muscles don’t change unless you put the hard work in. We have to be comfortable being uncomfortable for at least 12 weeks to see any changes. Habits don’t change unless we remain consistent. Stress levels don’t reduce unless we take the time to get off life’s treadmill, get out in nature and ‘just be’ for a bit.

Our promise to you is that we will always treat you the exact number of times that you need – not one too many or one too less.

This may not mean that you are better in two or three sessions, but not all things that are worth having happen quickly.

Let’s be less microwave 🙌🏻

Until the next time,

P.S. I don’t think physios’ will be replaced by robots any time soon. Anyway, we already have thumbs of steel 😉